4 Must Haves for Spring 2015 + 4 Modes of HP x360

This post is in partnership with HP and the Meghan Trainor “That Bass Tour”.






Honestly, who doesn’t love Meghan Trainor? ¬†Ever since the “All About That Bass” hit, she’s been all over our radar and the message she’s putting out is only rivaled by just how talented of a musician she is. The woman’s gorgeous and she rocks it on stage.

I’m so excited to be partnering with HP to bring you all the awesome exclusive footage of Meghan Trainor’s “That Bass Tour” plus awesome updates on HP’s new x360 (which has literally changed my blogging game) as they help us all #BendTheRules by creating seriously innovative products to enhance our digital experiences. HP will be on tour with Meghan all over the world with shows in every country from Germany to the U.S.! I can’t wait to share some amazing video footage in a few weeks. From what I’ve seen so far–girl’s killin’ it. Not that we didn’t expect it.

My HP x360 has been my right-hand man lately. The fact that it can bend in so many different modes (laptop, tablet, tent, and stand) makes it oh-so-versatile for meeting all of my blogging needs on the go. So many times when I’m exhausted I end up bending it back to a tent or tablet when I’m creating social shares for media content while in bed. It’s so much easier to just keep the computer in this mode to save space (not to mention it’s super light).

Classically, I keep it in the laptop mode when I’m working at my desk, the library, or out on my table by the pool. With a focused/clear screen & touchscreen capabilities, editing photos is so much easier now. I love that I can split the screen in half with the swipe of a finger and flip it back into tablet mode just as quickly.

In the spirit of celebrating the 4 modes of the HP x360, I wanted to share with you my top 4 picks for spring must-haves this year. With the season quickly-approaching, it’s important to know which styles are remaining “in” while budgeting for worthwhile staples to up your spring ante.

This spring, it’s all about the pastels (pink & baby blue), culottes of every print and color, and bucket bags! I’m personally into the neutral bucket bags right now because they’re so versatile. I’ve recently gotten into the culottes, although skeptical at first. They are surprisingly flattering! I love that you can style them with a crop top without revealing a whole lot of skin.

As far as pastel, although the colors aren’t groundbreaking for spring I’ll admit, they are popping up everywhere this season, styled with neutrals. It’s fun to mix and match them with pops of different pastel hues for a refreshing take.

What are your must-haves for spring?

Are you a fan of Meghan Trainor? Plan to see her while she’s in the U.S.?

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