Tassel Shorts & Off the Shoulder Top

tassel shorts & off the shoulder top

There’s a few things in life that can always make you smile, and for me those things include oatmeal cream pies, not having to set the alarm in the morning, a phone call home to my parents, my puppy’s face when I come home from work, a kind gesture from my husband, and finding something I’ve been wanting on sale! (more…)

The Formula for the Perfect Summer Outfit

bellsleeves & cutoff shorts with Sam Edelman embellished platform sandals

I’m grasping onto the last few shreds of summer that are within reach by sporting shorts on the regular. Who am I kidding? It’s Florida, and we can expect this sort of weather to continue well into fall. Being the northern native I am, however, I do long for those chilly nights and any excuse to layer with jewel-toned clothing. But we just can’t get away with that in these parts. So, for now, I’m going to have my fun with bright colors and fun shoes! (more…)