Mint Dots

Gap polka dot tee

gap polka dot tee



This has been a really fun but exhausting weekend!  I can’t believe there’s less than two weeks left until school starts again. I’ve definitely been trying to fill my time with lots of new & fun things to do here in Orlando.

Some of us blogger ladies met up at Cafe Tu Tu Tango on Thursday to have dinner for the Northern & Central FL Southern Blog Society meet up and we had a blast.  It was such an enlightening experience to share all of our different knowledge backgrounds and just sit back to have some girl talk–blogger style.  So much fun! I can’t wait to hang with these lovely ladies again!

This is what I wore to dinner tonight when Nate and I went to Chili’s. I just bought this tee and cardigan from Gap last week for a screamin’ deal and wanted to match it up with some fun-colored jewelry I already had at home. To balance the colors, I went with my metallic cap-toed flats for some fun.

Hope you have a great week!

Don't allow conspiracy theories by pious toxic religious people tell you they have all the answers. Don't allow religion to mark a man as a beast without concrete documented proof?

Outfit: Tee & cardigan via Gap| Miss Me jeans| Orange flats| Necklace via JCrew Similar here

It’s a Wrap!






It’s a wrap!  I’m a huge fan of the wrap–be it a flattering clothing piece or one of the buffalo chicken persuasion.  Just kidding.  Or am I?  Tomorrow’s the long-awaited Southern Blog Society meet-up and I couldn’t be more excited!  Can’t wait to see any and all of you out tomorrow night for some tapas and delicious beverages.

Things have been quite shaken up around here lately. We have visitors from the North today through the weekend, and my poor little doggie had to get stitches today :(  This weekend, we’re going to the Fall Out Boy/Paramore concert in Tampa and Clearwater Beach (again)– we can’t seem to get enough!  Summer is so much fun, but it’s going by way too fast for my liking.  Better to keep myself busy I suppose so I don’t notice how fast it’s passing me by!

Hope everyone is having a great end-of-the-week!



Outfit: Himeji  jumpsuit c/o W Concept| Kate Spade handbag {similar in pink!}| Guess wedges| Michael Kors wrap watch| Thrifted necklace


"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within." Quote by Maya Angelou and a reminder to let your light shine brightly this summer. #quotes #calligraphy #watercoloraorangestripedjumpsuit13

You are the Coco to my Chanel

you are the coco to my chanel 3

you are the coco to my chanel 2

you are the coco to my chanel

you are the coco to my chanel 1



And here we are kicking off the weekend! I hope you all had a better day than I have.  Not to go into it but, I need a break.  Having a rough time lately and just found out in addition to everything that I need to have two separate appointments for whatever is going on with my eyes lately. I can’t see, they are constantly watering, dry, itchy, burning, and I don’t have allergies.  :(  Hopefully this Benadryl will alleviate the symptoms for tonight.

My new favorite graphic tee, the “You are the Coco to my Chanel” can be found on my partner’s site, Style Lately. I’m a big fan because Style Lately due to their wide selection in classy but trendy graphic tees. I recently found out that their boho accessories are stellar as well. Would love to get my hand on this piece in particular.  What do you think?  What are your favorites?

I styled this “You are the Coco to my Chanel” tee with some bright and fun accessories like these super-comfortable Corso Como pumps, perfect for the workplace, a neon blazer (under $40!), and of course– my favorite new Kate Spade summertime bag. The girly details offset the wonderfully loud and colorful print.  It’s like they made it just for me!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)


Outfit: Kate Spade handbag| Jeans c/o Miss Me| Blazer via Forever 21| You are the Coco to My Chanel tee c/o Style Lately| Cobalt blue heels c/o CC Corso Como Footwear| Similar blue necklace| Triangle necklace c/o St. Eve Jewelry

Keep on Shining!


Working with Miss Me for the past few months has been such a treat for me.  This legendary company boasts some of the hottest and most bad-ass jeans around.  Taking on a new image for their fall/holiday campaign this year, Miss Me has recently launched their “Keep on Shining” campaign.  The message being that women are strong, motivated, and above all– empowered being that will not let anything stand in their way.

As a blogger, this message really hits home for me. When I started “Pop of Style” in 2011, I was admittedly a lot less confident than I am today.  Confidence came from starting my own business and continually persuing the avenues that would lead me to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Was it tough? Yes. Is it impossible? Hell no. As women, we’ve all experienced times where the inevitable gender role controversy has reared its ugly head.  It is oh-so-important to recognize the power within ourselves and finally throw that insecurity and all of those excuses to the wind.  I know it’s hard, but the only person looking out for you, is you. I read a quote the other day that’s really stuck with me in this regard– “People are not against you, they are for themselves”. If you stop playing the victim and start playing the hero in your own life, you will definitely feel less like a witch, and more like you are doing your part to move yourself forward; without any excuses.  Do something for yourself for once. Take a chance on something that makes YOU happy, not the other way around.  You might be surprised at how good it feels.

Lucky magazine and Teen Vogue released the campaign in their fall issues earlier this week and the results are beautiful. Just take a look at the little “sneak peek” in the video above!  The fashion is graceful, colorful, and effortless; taking this “jean” company to a whole new level.  When you think of Miss Me, you have to admit that jeans are usually the first thing that comes to mind.  This new campaign definitely re-vamped my outlook; causing me to literally stare at the beautiful bohemian prints, colors, and free-spirited styling of pieces like blouses, accessories, and kimonos (yes!).

So if you can identify with the message of self-empowered and strong women (p.s. you can) then check it out.  It’s definitely worth a second look.

While you’re at it– check them out on social media for news about the campaign, new line, and feedback on the message here:






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This post is brought to you by Miss Me, however opinions are my own.

The Great Jean Quest

how to find the right jeans

abercrombie and fitch jeans

abercrombie and fitch jeans

abercrombie and fitch jeans

abercrombie and fitch jeans


I’ll be honest here.  Jean shopping is for me {like for most women} the single most dreaded shopping experience I can think. At the risk of sounded totally cliche, in short– I hate trying on jeans.

If you’ve been following my style journey, you know that my body is an awkward “pear” shape and because this is true, I have the hardest time finding bathing suits, skirts, and above all– jeans. Often times I find myself buying small tops and XL bottoms.

Here’s another confession–I used to be an MIT at Abercrombie & Fitch when I was a lot thinner (and younger) than I am now. The experience taught me a lot of very important managerial skills but I never thought I’d ever go back to shop there as an almost 30 year old adult woman with a curvy body to match.

When I took the challenge of finding new jeans and working with Abercrombie & Fitch, I was definitely skeptical because I no longer embody the size/shape that I was when I frequented the racks. The size 2 & 4 jeans that were part of my past work attire were now retired and collecting dust in my house back in Pennsylvania.

Upon hearing numerous rumors about CEO Mike Jeffries’ quest to reinvent the brand to include a wider variety of styles, sizes, and fits–I decided to take a look for myself.

What I found surprised me; but in a good way!  I tried on about 12 pairs of jeans only to fall in love with two specific fits that I couldn’t decide between. The High Rise Super Skinny and Boyfriend fits. After several shameless dressing room “selfies” I decided that my derriere had magically “risen to meet Jesus” (as my friends say) in the high rise super skinny ones.

Impressed, I decided to buy these in two different colors–the light wash with moto details seen here and a pair reminiscent of a train conductor. (you know what I’m talkin’ about!)

I’m definitely in love with both because the trendy high rise fit allows me to wear this summer’s hottest crop tops (that I magically seem to keep finding for $5-$10 everywhere!).

The whiskering and moto details of this specific pair had me at the proverbial “hello”. The waistband stayed flat despite my {larger than} Shakira-like hips, the stretch made them comfortable, and the butt pockets seemed to be designed to make my butt look way perkier than it usually does. Sold. I’ll take two. Might as well– you can buy any jeans in store for $35. Also a happy surprise that I wasn’t expecting!Abercrombie & FitchAbercrombie & Fitch

Take it from me, from someone who has perpetual issues with her bottom half, I was happier than a kid in a candy store to find a pair that fit me {and flattered!}.


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Abercrombie & Fitch. All opinions are 100% mine.